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UK Guardian: Bob Watson Warns Of 4C Temp Rise

26 August, 2008 by dan
New Articles In Geoengineering Roundtable

26 August, 2008 by kevin
Earth2Tech On Planktos

7 July, 2008 by dan
Time Magazine Covers OIF And Climos

3 July, 2008 by kevin
Popular Science Article On OIF

3 July, 2008 by kevin
Dan Whaley Interview By The Sustainable Industries Journal

3 July, 2008 by kevin
Council Of Biological Diversity Final Statement On OIF

3 July, 2008 by kevin
Royal Society Paper On OIF As A Means Of Geoengineering Accepted

23 June, 2008 by dan
IOC Concerned About Recent CBD Statement On OIF

19 June, 2008 by dan
Dan Whaley Interviewed On The BBC

18 June, 2008 by kevin
Dr. Leinen Speaks At “The Risks And Opportunities Of Climate Change” Conference

18 June, 2008 by kevin
Wally Broecker Op-Ed To Greenpeace In The UK Guardian

18 June, 2008 by dan
Post-Kyoto Climate Change Agreement Will Have Expanded Market Mechanisms

13 June, 2008 by kevin Coverage Of Climos W/ Comments From Ken Buesseler

12 June, 2008 by dan
Climos Comments On Recent IMO LC And CBD Activity Regarding OIF

2 June, 2008 by dan
Developing Nations Wary Of Climate Symptoms And Fixes In Oceans

1 May, 2008 by kevin
EU Study: Oceans Absorbing Less CO2 May Have 1,500 Year Impact

17 April, 2008 by dan
Statement Of The UNESCO IOC Consultative Group On OIF Released

10 April, 2008 by dan
Climos Announces Selection Of Tetra Tech To Lead Environmental Analysis Of OIF

27 March, 2008 by dan
Climos Mentioned In Time Cover Story

21 March, 2008 by dan
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