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About Us

Climos is exploring various natural processes to reduce emissions or remove atmospheric CO2 on large scales.

Our goal is to assist in the rapid identification, evaluation, proof and deployment of the largest levers on CO2 that are humanly achievable in the shortest possible time.   Understanding the environmental, social and economic impact, not just of short term experimental / development stages but of the long term deployment at scale is one of the most important elements of our thinking.  We partner with the world’s best scientific teams in our efforts.

We are in active collaboration on the scientific, technical and regulatory steps necessary to bring a next generation Ocean Iron Fertilization (OIF) project to realization. Our focus is providing services to enable these larger more complex field trials to be conducted, including legal, regulatory, environmental impact work, communications, iron distribution and overall project management and logistics.

While aggressive emission reductions are essential to addressing our currently elevated levels of atmospheric CO2, various climate intervention techniques may be necessary to bridge us in the interim.  Ocean fertilization may be one such technique.

Climos is led by Dan Whaley, a veteran Silicon Valley entrepreneur, who in 1994 co-founded GetThere, Inc., the first company to conduct travel reservations over the web.

Our Scientific Advisory Board includes Dr. Rita Colwell, 11th Director of the National Science Foundation, Dr. Bob Gagosian, President and CEO of the Consortium for Ocean Leadership and Dr. Tom Lovejoy, President of the Heinz Center and former Executive Vice President of the World Wildlife Foundation among others.

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