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Dr. Margaret Leinen To Present At The Copenhagen Climate Congress, March 10-12

Next week, a "who's who" of climate change scientists will gather in Copenhagen to synthesize climate change science for the pivotal 2009 COP 15 meeting in December. The findings of the congress will be supplementary to the work of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and will be compiled in a book on climate change to be delivered to the global climate policy makers at COP15. At this meeting, Dr. Margaret Leinen has three presentations scheduled on ocean iron fertilization.

Margaret will present two talks:

“Ocean iron fertilization: an examination of sequestration potential, environmental impacts and feedbacks”
March 10, 17:15, Hall B, Room N

“The London Convention/London Protocol: an ocean institution addresses sub-seafloor CO2 injection and ocean iron fertilization”
March 11, 13:45, Hall B, Room U

Margaret will also present a poster:

“Ocean iron fertilization: recent results, estimates of potential, and economic considerations”
March 10, 15:20, Hall C

Conference website:

Oral session program:

Poster session program:


Category: Ocean Fertilization
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