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Climos Press
Code Of Conduct For Ocean Fertilization Proposed By Climos

SAN FRANCISCO, California (October 8, 2007) -- Climos, a climate company dedicated to leveraging natural processes to remove carbon from the atmosphere, calls upon the scientific and commercial communities to establish standards for all future ocean fertilization experiments and projects.

"Recent evidence supports ocean fertilization as a viable component in the global effort to reduce atmospheric greenhouse gasses," said Dr. Margaret Leinen, Climos Chief Science Officer. "Clearly, a market has emerged that can fund carbon mitigation activity. However, important questions of effectiveness, environmental impact and corporate conduct in all ocean fertilization projects need to be addressed as these projects move forward."

As a first step in the process of establishing global standards for all ocean fertilization efforts, Climos proposed a draft "Code of Conduct" at the recent Ocean Iron Fertilization Symposium held by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts. Details of the Climos draft can be found online here:

Dan Whaley, Climos Chief Executive Officer, said, "Ocean iron fertilization presumes a large-scale carbon reduction that is in harmony with nature. To show this we must demonstrate that any claimed carbon reductions are real, measurable and long-term, environmental concerns are answered, and that companies engaging in this activity hold themselves to the highest standards of transparency and accountability. We are committed to establishing high standards for this potentially important tool. This first draft of a code of conduct is an important step in that direction."

About Climos

Climos is a company dedicated to removing carbon from the atmosphere. Founded in California's Silicon Valley by entrepreneurs Dan Whaley and Richard Whilden, Climos scientific research is overseen by Dr. Margaret Leinen, former Assistant Director of Geosciences at the National Science Foundation (NSF). Climos is guided by a Scientific Advisory Board that includes some of the world's experts in ocean, earth and climate science.

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