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Climos Press
Climos Expands Science Advisory Board

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (July 24, 2008) - ClimosTM, Inc. announced today the expansion of its Science Advisory Board with the addition of Dr. Edward Miles, Virginia & Prentice Bloedel Professor of Marine and Public Affairs at the University of Washington, Seattle, Wash. and Dr. Jerry Schubel, President and CEO of the Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach, California.

Dr. Miles’ background in marine affairs and governance and Dr. Schubel’s expertise in issues related to marine conservation will provide perspective to ClimosTM as the world community considers how ocean iron fertilization (OIF) might be best regulated, and the scientific community seeks to understand its impacts on ocean ecosystems.

Dr. Margaret Leinen, Climos’ Co-founder and Chief Science Officer said, "We are honored that these distinguished members of the ocean research community have agreed to lend their expertise to Climos’ efforts. Their participation supports our commitment to the highest scientific standards and international oversight.”

An internationally known scholar, Dr. Miles, has provided expertise as a consultant to the United Nations, as a Lead Author for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and as an advisor to agencies of the US Government. He is a Senior Fellow at the Joint Institute for the Study of Atmosphere and Oceans. His contributions to the study of marine affairs were recognized by election to the US National Academy of Science in 2003.

Dr. Schubel, a coastal oceanographer, currently chairs the Ocean Research and Resources Advisory Panel, the primary external advisory committee to the ocean programs of the US Government. He is also President and CEO of the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, Calif., and directs the aquarium’s marine conservation research. Dr. Schubel’s distinguished record includes having served as the Dean and Director of the Marine Sciences Research Center at the State University of New York – Stony Brook, and as Provost of the University. In 1994 he became President and CEO of the New England Aquarium, where he is still President, Emeritus.

ClimosTM also announced that effective July 1, Dr. Tim Killeen stepped down from membership on the Science Advisory Board. At that time, Dr. Killeen became the Assistant Director for Geosciences at the US National Science Foundation, the position at NSF formerly held by Dr. Leinen. The strong regard of the NSF for issues of conflict of interest dictates that NSF leadership not serve on advisory boards.

ClimosTM congratulates Dr. Killeen on his new position. Leinen observed, “Tim Killeen’s strong record of leadership at the National Center for Atmospheric Research and the American Geophysical Union is a natural fit for the Assistant Director position. He is known throughout the world for his advocacy for all of the fields of geoscience and his innovative approaches to enhancing interdisciplinary and diverse approaches to study of the Earth and its climate.”

About ClimosTM

ClimosTM is a company dedicated to removing carbon from the atmosphere. Founded in California's Silicon Valley by entrepreneurs Dan Whaley and Richard Whilden, ClimosTM scientific research is overseen by Dr. Margaret Leinen, former Assistant Director, Geosciences at the National Science Foundation (NSF). ClimosTM is guided by a Scientific Advisory Board that includes some of the world's experts in ocean, earth and climate science.

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