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Climate Change/Global Warming
Fairwell, Fair Weather

According to the Center for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters, there have been more than four times as many weather-related disasters in the last 30 years than in the previous 75 years. The United States has experienced more of those disasters than any other country.

Will Global Warming Give Greenland Its Independence?

Climate change has the power to unsettle boundaries and shake up geopolitics, usually for the worse. But while most of the world sees only peril in the island’s meltwater, Greenland’s independence movement has explicitly tied its fortunes to the warming of the globe.

Northern Wildfire Smoke May Cast Shadow On Arctic Warming

The Arctic may get some temporary relief from global warming if the annual North American wildfire season intensifies, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Colorado and NOAA.

Warming Is Major Threat To Humans, EPA Warns

Climate change will pose "substantial" threats to human health in the coming decades, the Environmental Protection Agency said yesterday -- issuing its warnings about heat waves, hurricanes and pathogens just days after the agency declined to regulate the pollutants blamed for warming.

Greenhouse Gases Could Spark Fires In West

California has been hit by 2,000 fires this year, and climate scientists are predicting that the situation will worsen as temperatures rise.

Gore Sets Energy Goal For 2018

Former Vice President Al Gore challenged Americans yesterday to switch all of the nation's electricity production to wind, solar, and other carbon-free sources within 10 years, a goal that he said would solve global warming as well as economic and natural security crises caused by dependence on fossil fuels.

Global Warming Talks Leave Few Concrete Goals

But behind the congratulatory speeches on Wednesday, some experts said, was a more sobering reality. The documents issued by the participating countries had very few of the concrete goals needed to keep greenhouse gases from growing at their torrid pace, they said.

Why Climate Change Affects Women More Than Men

An international aid agency is highlighting how women around the world are hardest hit by storms, floods and droughts caused by global warming. And it is stepping up pressure on the Scottish government to agree on tough targets to cut the pollution causing the problems.

Officials Predict Longer, Stronger Fire Season

The fire season has gotten longer throughout the West in the past few years. Fires touch off in April or earlier, and the season sometimes stretches into October. But a longer season can't be blamed solely on climate change or drought.

UN Chief To G8: Climate Change, Food Crisis Linked

The global food crisis will only worsen because of climate change, the U.N. climate chief said Friday, urging leaders of the world's richest countries meeting in Japan next week to set goals to reduce carbon emissions within the next dozen years.

NASA Maps Could Boost Offshore Renewables

Space agency NASA has created maps that could boost renewable energy supplies by pinpointing high wind areas in the Earth's oceans for turbine farms.

Untapped Ocean Currents Show Great Potential For Renewable Energy

The Gulf Stream—a massive and highly energetic ocean current which holds great potential for electric power generation and other renewable power sources—physically connects Florida with the United Kingdom. Researchers from Florida Atlantic University’s Center for Ocean Energy Technology recently accompanied Florida Governor Charlie Crist to the UK to formalize agreements on ocean energy research and development.

Wetlands Could Unleash "Carbon Bomb"

 The world's wetlands, threatened by development, dehydration and climate change, could release a planet-warming "carbon bomb" if they are destroyed, ecological scientists said on Sunday.

Sun Could Cause 15% To 20% Of Climate Change, Researcher Says

Global warming is mainly caused by greenhouse gas emissions resulting from human activities; however, current climatic variations may be affected “around 15% or 20%” by solar activity, according to Manuel Vázquez, a researcher from the Canary Islands’ Astrophysics Institute.

Fragile Antarctic Marine Life Pounded By Icebergs: Biodiversity Suffering

Antarctic worms, sea spiders, urchins and other marine creatures living in near-shore shallow habitats are regularly pounded by icebergs. New data suggests this environment along the Antarctic Peninsula is going to get hit more frequently. This is due to an increase in the number of icebergs scouring the seabed as a result of shrinking winter sea ice.

Coral Reefs Face Extinction

According to a comprehensive survey by the Global Marine Species Assessment (GMSA) published Thursday in Science, one-third of the more than 700 species of reef-building corals are threatened with extinction. Compare that to a decade ago, when only 2% of corals were endangered.

Geoengineering An Interesting Idea

A reader-friendly summary of geoengineering and proposed geoengineering schemes, including levitated particles, ocean algae, sulphur dioxide, "carbon-eating trees," and more.

Only Seven Years Left For Global Warming Target

Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), said only seven years remained for stabilising emissions of global-warming gases at a level widely considered safe.

Acidifying Oceans Add Urgency To Carbon Dioxide Cuts

Ken Caldeira of the Carnegie Institution's Department of Global Ecology, writing with lead author Richard Zeebe of the University of Hawaii and two co-authors, note that the oceans have absorbed about 40% of the carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted by humans over the past two centuries. This has slowed global warming, but at a serious cost.

Carbon Market
Few Homes Using Renewable Energy

Green power programs allow consumers to purchase renewable energy, usually at a premium, without having to go through the far greater expense of erecting a windmill or installing a solar panel. The programs are widely available, yet there are estimates that fewer than 1 percent of residential consumers nationwide receive their electricity from green power providers.

Work To Start On First German Offshore Wind Farm

New York City's yellow taxi fleet now will go green at the rate of 300 new hybrid cars a month, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said on Wednesday, citing an agreement with car-makers to supply the fuel-light cabs.

US-Canada Carbon Trading Group Eyes 2012 Start

A coalition of U.S. states and Canadian provinces that have banded together to cut greenhouse gases will launch their carbon cap and trade system in 2012, according to a draft plan released on Wednesday.

Texas Approves A $4.93 Billion Wind-Power Project

Texas regulators have approved a $4.93 billion wind-power transmission project, providing a major lift to the development of wind energy in the state. The planned web of transmission lines will carry electricity from remote western parts of the state to major population centers like Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio.

Is Carbon Offsetting Pie In The Sky?

How much real impact can offsetting have on tackling climate change? Or is it just a convenient way for people to assuage their guilt while not having to change their lifestyles? The latter view is shared by many environmentalists, who have compared the growth of offsets with the Catholic Church's practice in the Middle Ages of selling indulgences to get to heaven.

Toyota To Build Prius In US, Slash Truck Output

Toyota Motor Corp said on Thursday it would start building its Prius hybrid in the United States in 2010 and suspend production of slow-selling big trucks for three months in a sharp reversal of strategy forced by slumping sales and high gas prices.

Big Business Shows Politicians How The Planet Can Be Saved

As governments haver over the best ways to tackle global warming, private enterprise is forging ahead - and making money.

California Emissions Plan To Explore Use Of Offsets

Measuring the costs and benefits of projects intended to offset the emission of greenhouse gases is one of many thorny issues that the state of California must tackle as it begins drafting a cap-and-trade system of carbon credits.

Japan Sees A Chance To Promote Its Energy-Frugal Ways

With oil prices hitting dizzying levels and the world struggling with global warming, Japan is hoping to use its conservation record to take a rare leadership role on a pressing global issue. Japan is home to many marvels of energy efficiency, including the Taiheiyo Cement factory detailed in this article.

State Bid To Limit Emissions Hits Court Snag

California's effort to limit vehicle emissions of gases that contribute to global warming hit a snag Friday when a federal appeals court ruled that the state and environmental groups acted too early when they sued the Bush administration in January for blocking the law.

California Raises Standards For Green Buildinggs

California issued new building standards Thursday, which state officials said would push developers to reduce the energy use of buildings by 15% and target a 50% reduction in water for landscaping.

Britain Admist It Will Miss 2010 C02 Target

The British government admitted on Thursday what experts have been saying for some time -- that it will miss by a large margin its own target of cutting carbon dioxide emissions by 20 percent from 1990 levels by 2010.

U.S. Unveils Plan To Bury Climate-Warming Carbon

The United States unveiled plans on Tuesday to bury climate-warming carbon dioxide emissions deep underground to keep the greenhouse gas from further heating up the atmosphere.

EPA Seeks Comment On Emissions Rules, Then Discredits Effort

The Bush administration yesterday unveiled but immediately disparaged a proposal to seek public comment on whether the government should regulate greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Air Act, declaring at the outset that the proposed approach would be unworkable.

EPA Refuses To Regulate Greenhouse Gases

The administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency on Friday disavowed any obligation to regulate greenhouse gases under existing law, saying that to do so would involve an “unprecedented expansion” of the agency’s authority that would have “a profound effect on virtually every sector of the economy.”

Hungary Links To Kyoto Emissions Trading Scheme

Hungary successfully linked to a carbon trading scheme under the Kyoto Protocol on Friday, allowing the country to sell government-level emissions permits, a Hungarian ministry spokesperson said.

Prospects Dim For G8 Climate Change Deal

Prospects that the G8 would reach a meaningful agreement to how best to fight global warming at their annual summit dimmed on Sunday as leaders began arriving in northern Japan with a raft of global problems on their minds.

EU Backs Away From Biofuel Goal, Eyes Brazil Accord

European Union energy chiefs considered an accord with Brazil over biofuels on Saturday at the end of a three day meeting in Paris during which they backed away from the EU's controversial biofuels target.

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